Teenage Luv

Teenage Luv is the first ever online open forum dedicated to high school students around the world, who are looking to meet others or speak on the issues of teenage relationships. It is also used as what we call relationship t-v, where individuals can explain good and bad dating experiences, airing out personal secrets and exposing unfaithful behavior. All you need is the video record option on your mobile phone, a digital camera and a valid reason for recording your video.

In order to submit your videos to us, simply upload your 5 to 10 minute video clips through (sendspace.com) in either MPEG4 or Windows Media File formats.

In your submission please include the title and a brief description of each video. All videos will be reviewed and acceptable content will be posted on our website. By submitting your video, you are authorizing The Hip Hop Guy all necessary right to reuse the audio and video material it contains.