About The Hiphop Guy

Battlestar Media Group

Battlestar Logo The Hip Hop Guy which is a division of Battlestar Media Group came into fruition in 2005. It was developed in order to inform, educate and entertain the advocate music fan. In observing the emergence of urban culture and its internet presence within the last 10 years, we had noticed a market not yet discovered, and a void that had needed to be filled. The Influence of urban culture among today's youth has become so strong, where a vehicle such as The Hip Hop Guy was needed to build encouragement, confidence and independence for our young generation.

Since our earlier development stages to present, we have become a hub for local inner-city talents to a large amount of corporate retailers. Our brand marketing exposes products and services to a wide audience, both Local and International through our web-based viral presence to our internet-based radio programming.

Our services consist of Artist Development, Product Placements, Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Film and Video Production.

Our weekly online radio format THHG RADIO reaches a huge audience in every region which promotes and markets inspiring artist and introduces consumers to new business services offered through commercial advertisement.

If you looking to create awareness for your own endeavors or you simply need help in revitalizing your business, our custom package plans are designed to provide clients with the best opportunity to take their careers and business to the next level. We work with a diverse group of talents ranging from Musicians, Producers, Record Labels, Inspiring Models, Photographers, Film & Videographers, Event Promoters, Corporate Companies & Local Businesses.

Our motto is REPRESENT, REALIZE, & GET RECOGNIZED, which we hope will lead you in the direction needed to be successful.